Automating and managing your Application Security Program can be challenging. Our Application Security as a Service platform specializes in AppSec tooling, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing actionable remediation recommendations to ensure your success

Ensure Optimal
Application Security
Program Health

Your AppSec solutions require significant bandwidth and the right skill set to properly manage. We can utilize your tools and integrate with our organizations Application Security Posture Management Platform:

Our AppSec as a Service scales up or down based on your unique requirements for application security. For example, you can leverage our platform to help with implementation or integration assistance or you can extend the offering into full application security program support.

Implement AppSec
Best Practices

Our Application Security as a Service leverages our AI powered Application Security Posture Management Platform which offers in-depth application security capabilities and can manage your AppSec program to help you implement best practices, minimize your workload, and maximize your productivity. Our Application Security as a Service program can help you:

We Can Manage Your AppSec Program

Finding qualified application security professionals is no easy task. With our AppSec as a Service offering, we enable you to effectively launch your application security program and to evolve and mature your program over time. Now you can:

Tiered Service Offering

Our AppSec as a Service offering is tiered based upon the following criteria so that you can achieve your application security goals in a budget- and resource-friendly manner:




We Support Many
AppSec Testing Capabilities & Activities

Our AppSec as a Service encompasses support for many different types of tools within the Application Security space. Our capabilities include the following technology types:

AppSec as a Service
Use Cases

Our Application Security as a Service allows organizations to invest in the long-term and robust security of applications while speeding up the rate at which you develop your applications. Among the most important use cases that are ideal for Application Security as a Service are:

Acceleration of Application Security Programs – We enable you to quickly launch application security without requiring that you invest in infrastructure

In-Depth Security Experience – We can help you achieve quicker remediation at each point along your software development lifecycle thanks to our team of security professionals and the thorough security assessments that they conduct.

Evolved Software Supply Chain Security – Enjoy a greater level of confidence when it comes to developing your applications — we’ll help you strengthen your software supply chain’s security so that you feel secure about what goes into the applications you’re developing.

DevSecOps – Allow your developers to code quicker thanks to the frictionless security that our DevSecOps provides — all without having to sacrifice any quality.

Entwine Application Security Into the Fabric of Your Org – We can help you facilitate greater maturity at scale by weaving together AppSec and the fabric of your organization. Seamlessly scale from a single application to hundreds or even thousands.

Cloud Transformation – Whether you’re working with a cloud-native application or one that’s still in the early stages of its modernization, our application security experts are here to assist throughout your entire cloud transformation process.


Put an ELITE Highly-Trained Team on Your Side

More than 70% of our workforce consists of tenured cybersecurity engineers, architects and consultants

Application Security Data Sheet

Application Security
as a Service

With our Appsec as a Service Offering, we enable you to effectively launch your application security program and enolve and [….]

Cybersecurity is too Complex

The digital world is constantly evolving, and so are the tactics of cyber attackers. New vulnerabilities and exploits are constantly discovered, and attackers are always finding new ways to exploit them. Cybersecurity professionals need to keep up with these changes and continually adapt their security measures.

Cybersecurity Costs too Much Money

The average cost of cybersecurity systems, solutions and staff is increasing. As noted by research firm Gartner, companies will spend 11% more in 2023 than they did in 2022 to effectively handle security and risk management. 

Cybersecurity Staff Cant Scale

What's the problem? It's the people, say experts at the RSA Conference, which wrapped up last week. The Cybersecurity team -- or teams -- simply can't scale fast enough to keep up with the ever-increasing demand of threats. Let's talk about the biggest problems challenging Cybersecurity scalability.

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