What is ASPM?

Application security posture management (ASPM) is a holistic approach to application security (AppSec) that provides a single source of truth to identify, correlate, and prioritize security vulnerabilities across the software development life cycle, from development to deployment. ASPM solutions correlate and analyze data from a variety of sources to simplify issue interpretation, triage, and remediation. They also administer and orchestrate security tools to implement security policies. With ASPM, security teams can centrally manage application security findings by leveraging a consolidated view of security and risk status across the entire software development environment.

Why is it important?

As applications become more sophisticated, organizations are struggling with the complexity and operational costs of the AppSec programs that have been built to secure them. This complexity makes it difficult to implement consistent AppSec practices, understand the risk posture of applications, and measure the effectiveness of their program as a whole. ASPM tools address these challenges by giving teams a single place to manage their entire AppSec program, better aligning security and development teams and giving them a consolidated view of what’s been tested, what’s been found, and what’s being fixed.

What do I do now?

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